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Specialty and Auto Care

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Chamois Chamois
Chamois are ideal for removing excess moisture from windows, mirrors and automotive glass. Select soft natural cod-oil tanned Chamois, Handi-Shami poly- sponge encased by natural chamois, and Chamois Cloth non-woven synthetic Chamois to dry cars, trucks and boats with professional results. All are ideal for windows; automotive detailing, cleaning, drying, polishing and general clean up. Natural Chamois products are also effective when used dry for polishing and buffing.

  Product # Description
a FCCC-125 Synthetic Chamois Cloth - 16" x 11"
  FCCC-225 Synthetic Chamois Cloth - 20" x 16"
  FCCC-360 Synthetic Chamois Cloth - 20" x 18"
  NC-1.0 Natural Chamois - 1 sq. ft.
  NC-1.5 Natural Chamois - 1.5 sq. ft.
  NC-2.0 Natural Chamois - 2 sq. ft.
b NC-2.5 Natural Chamois - 2.5 sq. ft.
  NC-3.0 Natural Chamois - 3 sq. ft.
  NC-3.5 Natural Chamois - 3.5 sq. ft.
  NC-4.0 Natural Chamois - 4 sq. ft.
  NC-5.0 Natural Chamois - 5 sq. ft.
c HS-1A Handi-Shami - 3.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"
  HS-2B Handi-Shami - 4" x 6" x 2"
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Wash Mitts Wash Mitts
Wash Mitts, both synthetic and lambskin hold loads of water, and will soak cars without scratching. The lambskin mitts are even great when used dry for polishing and dusting.

  Product # Description
a WM-LS2B Lambskin Wash and Polishing Mitt - 8" x 10"
b WM-1A Synthetic Wash Mitt - 8" x 10"
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Polishing Bonnets Polishing Bonnets
Ideal for finishing and touch-ups. The Lambskin Bonnets are manufactured from dense 3/4" hides.

  Product # Description
a 07LPB-DS 7" Lambskin Polishing Bonnet with drawstring
  09LPB-DS 9" Lambskin Polishing Bonnet with drawstring
b 07SPB-DS 7" Synthetic Polishing Bonnet with drawstring
  09SPB-DS 9" Synthetic Polishing Bonnet with drawstring
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MultiFlex System

The MultiFlex pad holder offers maximum flexibility to clean contoured surfaces, most notably bathtubs, spa tubs and shower stalls.  This system is ideal for use in hotels, health clubs, spas and home settings as well as for automotive and marine care. Suitable for use on boats, aircraft, trucks and recreational vehicles too, this is a multi purpose multi surface tool. Use with the two Micro Fiber pads for cleaning and drying, or the SP-100 abrasive no scratch pad for tougher jobs.  Pads are held secure with Velcro Hook.  The MultiFlex pad holder is equipped with both Acme thread and compression fit to secure to utility handles. 


Product #
MultiFlex Pad Holder
Micro Fiber Drying Pad 9" x 4"
Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad 9" x 4"


MacPad MacPad
The MacPad is designed to delicately remove stubborn build up on windshields, auto bodies, and chrome trim. This highly efficient, and scratchproof pad carries an abundance of water. The MacPad is an excellent alternative to a wash mitt to reach all the surfaces on a vehicle. Use on a 9" x 3.25" Utility Pad Holder with swivel head, to secure to a utility handle. The MacPad is also suitable for use on boats, aircraft, trucks and recreational vehicles.

The Scrub Pad offers no-scratch cleaning for surfaces prone to damage from abrasive products. Secures easily to Pad Holder.

  Product # Description
a MP49 MacPad 4.5" x 9.5" Synthetic Wash Pad
b LMP49 MacPad 4.5" x 9.5" Lambskin Wash Pad
c SP-100 Scrub Pad - 4 5/8" x 10"
d UPH200V Utility Pad Holder with velcro 3.25" x 9"
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Auto Duster Auto Duster
The Auto Duster effectively removes dust from cars, revealing a beautiful finish. The Auto Duster may be used with spray dust treatment and can also be used on auto interior surfaces and inside the home.

  Product # Description
  AD-8511 Yarn Auto Duster 14" overall, 3.5' trim
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Auto Squeegee
Our AS50 Squeegee features a 10" plastic head with a sponge and squeegee blade, on a 29"-50" extendable lightweight quick lock aluminum extension handle. The handle is equipped with a comfortable foam grip. The AS50 is also great for SUV’s, trucks, RV’s, boats and aircraft. The WAS18 and PAS18 offers great economy and is ideal for gas bars and c-stores.

  Product # Description
a AS50 29"-50" Extendable Automotive Squeegee with a sponge
b WAS18 18" wood handle, 10" plastic head
c PAS18 18" plastic handle, 10" plastic head
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Micro Fiber Cloths Micro Fiber Cloths
Clean faster and better, with less detergent; micro fibers are a revolutionary solution to today's cleaning challenges.  Ideal for cleaning, drying, polishing and dusting.

  Product # Description
a MFC-G256 16" x 16" - For Glass
b MFC-AP256 16" x 16" - All Purpose
c MFC-W256 16" x 16" - Waffle
d MFC-C256 16" x 16" - Chamois
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Micro Fiber Cloths

Two micro fiber products designed for cleaning, polishing, and drying automobiles, RV's, boats, and general clean up.


Product #
23" x 15" Drying Towel
16" x 16" Cleaning & Polishing Cloth



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