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Dust Wand Showcase
The Cadillac of our displays, offers four   24"x 72" intersecting grid panels and 24 chrome hooks for maximum product presentation, holding up to 144 units.    The pinwheel design of this display and grid/hook system allows for an attractive presentation of a wide range of products featured in our catalog.  The castors make it easy to relocate.   Ask about the Showcase Access Plan and how you can receive this display for FREE!

Stand dimensions: 36" x 36" x 75 1/2"H     (including castors)
Cleaning Center Cleaning Center
This attractive, freestanding display will hold over 100 product units at one time. The grid and hook design offers the flexibility to display your best sellers, in a configuration that meets your requirements. The Cleaning Center will hold almost every item presented in this catalog. The DWCC is also a great way to introduce new products to your customers. With all these products at your customers' fingertips, you can maximize profits in a minimum of space. Ask about our Flex Plan; when you choose a minimum value of products, we send you the display… free!

Stand dimensions: 24"W x 24"L x 58"H (Not including header)
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Dust Wand Dusting Station Dust Wand Dusting Station
The Dusting Station has been created to display many of our most popular dusting products, including 24 Wool Dusters, 18 Feather Dusters, 3 Corner Boy Dusting Poms and 3 Feather Duster Heads with utility extension handles. All are shipped in an easy to set-up, professional stand that takes up only 3.0 sq. ft. of showroom space.

Stand dimensions: 16.5"W x 24"L
300FX 6 pcs P20G 6 pcs
312FH 6 pcs P28G 6 pcs
350EX 6 pcs 346CB 3 pcs
360SFlex 6 pcs FDH-15 3 pcs
P13G 6 pcs 117-6 6 pcs
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Hi Dusting Variety Pack Hi Dusting Variety Pack
This display featues 6 great products for high dusting. These models come in wool, microfiber and osterich feather. They all have an acme thead adaptor to secure to other handles for even longer reach.

Stand dimensions: 12"W x 15"L
347CBX 4 pcs 346CB 4 pcs
322WC 4 pcs MFD-22 4 pcs
MFD-23 4 pcs FDH-15 4 pcs
117-5 24 pcs    
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Corner Boy Display Corner Boy Display
The Corner Boy Display effectively showcases 24 Corner Boy Poms (346CB) and utility extension handles (117-5), using only 1.5 sq. ft. of valuable showroom space, in one pre-packed display case.

This Corner Boy Duster will get those hard to reach spots ordinary dusters will not reach. The Corner Boy incorporates the same high quality as our other dusters in a design that is both simple, and functional. Complete with an acme thread, the Corner Boy fits interchangeably with our selection of extension handles.

Stand dimensions: 12"W x 15"L
346CB 24 pcs 117-5 24 pcs
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Floor Master Display Floor Master Display
The Floor Master Display includes 24 floor masters (386-FM) with wooden handles (54WH) in an attractive display set-up. The Floor Master is a Micro Fiber floor duster on a plastic frame (15.5" x 9") with a 360-degree swivel Acme head.

The Floor Master is used regularly in homes, offices, hotels, airports, retail stores, restaurants, meeting and exhibition halls, hospitals, sports facilities, factories and schools.

Stand dimensions: 12"W x 15"L
386-FM 24 pcs 54WH 24 pcs
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Glider Display Glider Display
The Glider Display includes 8 each 12", 18", and 24" Gliders with utility handles in an attractive display set-up. The Glider is a Micro Fiber floor and wall duster on a plastic frame with a 360-degree swivel Acme threaded platform.

Stand dimensions: 12"W x 15"L
GFM12 8 pcs GFM24 8 pcs
GFM18 8 pcs EAL-5 24 pcs
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