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Floor Care

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Micro Fiber Floor Pads

Five pads to address critical floor care jobs.  Secures to pad holder with Velcro.

Microfiber pickup up and traps dust, dirt, grease and particles inside the "star

shaped " grooves of the fiber.

Product #



Washing Pad 14" to 36"



Drying Pad 14" to 36"



Deep Cleaning (Wet) Pad 14" to 36"



Dusting Pad 14" to 36"



Floor Finish Pad 14" to 36"



Pad Holder 14" to 36"
Applicator Pads

Applicator Pads
Applicator Pads are effective in both domestic and commercial settings. Lambskin Pads

are cut from specially tanned, dense 3/4" hides. Lambskin and Wool pads are recom-

mended for oil based finishes. Synthetic fiber pads are recommended for water based


  Product # Description
a 086R, 106R,
126R, 146R,
166R, 186R, 246R
Lambskin refills 8" to 24" x 5.5"
  247R Lambskin refill 24" x 7"
b 086RB, 106RB,
126RB, 146RB,
166RB, 186RB, 246RB
Lambskin applicators pad & block 8" to 24
  60AR-L 60ft Lambskin applicator roll
c 085RS, 105RS,
125RS, 145RS,
165RS, 185RS, 245RS
Synthetic refills 8" to 24" x 5.5"
  247RS Synthetic refill 24" x 7"
d 085RSB,
105RSB, 125RSB,
145RSB, 165RSB,
185RSB, 245RSB
Synthetic applicators pad & block 8" to 24"
  60AR-S 60ft Synthetic applicator roll
e 085WR,
105WR, 125WR, 145WR, 165WR,
185WR, 245WR
Wool refills 8" to 24" x 5.5"
f 085WRB,
105WRB, 125WRB, 145WRB, 165WRB, 185WRB, 245WRB
Wool applicators pad & block 8" to 24"
  60AR-W 60ft Wool applicator roll
  08WB, 10WB,
12WB, 14WB, 16WB, 18WB, 24WB
Wood blocks (with bolts) 8" to 24"
(See Utility handles for wood handles)
T-Bar Refill System

T-Bar Refill System
Lay a smooth finish with these professional tools. T-bars are plated to prevent rusting and accept acme thread handles.

T-Bar Refills Synthetic fiber

  Product # Description
h LS8012 12" with bevelled ends
  LS8018 18" with bevelled ends
  LS8024 24" with bevelled ends
  LS8030 30" with straight ends

Light Weight T-Bars

  Product # Description
h LS7812 12"
  LS7818 18"
  LS7824 24"
  LS7830 30"
Polishing Bonnets and Pads

Polishing Bonnets and Pads
Ideal for finishing and touch-ups on wood and hard floors, including marble, terrazzo and rubber

tiles. The Lambskin bonnets are manufactured from dense 3/4" hides.

  Product # Description
  06LBP-DS – 24LPB-DS 6"-24" Lambskin Polishing Bonnet with drawstring
a 06LBP-E – 24LPB-E 6"-24" Lambskin Polishing Bonnet with
elastic skirting
  052LPP 5.5" Lambskin Polishing Pad
  06LPP 6" Lambskin Polishing Pad
  06SPB-DS – 24SPB-DS 6"-24" Synthetic Polishing Bonnet with drawstring
b 06SBP-E – 24SPB-E 6"-24" Synthetic Polishing Bonnet with
elastic skirting
Micro Fiber Carpet Bonnet
The two-sided pads are super absorbent and durable. Suitable for machines
175-350 RPM.

  Product # Description
  MFCB – 12 12" Micro Fiber Carpet Bonnet
  MFCB – 17 17" Micro Fiber Carpet Bonnet
  MFCB – 19 19" Micro Fiber Carpet Bonnet
  MFCB – 20 20" Micro Fiber Carpet Bonnet
Floor Safety Signs

Floor Safety Signs
Solid construction and an exceptional variety of messages; our Floor Safety Signs are an effective

way to communicate important maintenance and safety information in high traffic areas. Suitable

for retail and grocery stores, schools, hotels, airports and all work environments. Signs are

24"H x 11"W.

  Product # Description
a LS-26555 Caution - Wet Floor - Trilingual
b LS-27069 Rest Rooms Closed
c LS-28964 Caution - Wet Floor
d LS-28968 Rest Rooms Being Cleaned
e LS-29998 Danger - People working above
f LS-28999 Caution - Wet Floor Cuidado Piso Mojado
  LS-29999 Blank (no message)
Vac Guard Bumper Pillow

Vac Guard Bumper Pillow
The Vac Guard helps protect furniture, walls and fixtures from scuffing and scratching with this easy

to use bumper guard. Made from a soft pile fabric, the Vac-Guard attaches easily with velcro to

virtually any upright vacuum cleaner or floor polisher.

  Product # Description
  VG-100 Vac Guard Bumper Pillow - 3"W x 36"L
  VG-50 Vac-Guard Bumper Pillow - 1.5"W x 36" L
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