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Everyday Dusting

Natural lambs wool offers exceptional dusting power. A light static charge, a web of fibers and natural oils work together to attract and hold dust until spun free. The Dust Wand is available in a full range of models designed for virtually every dusting application; all are manufactured with thick premium selected wool skins, featuring rugged plastic handles, and solid construction. Dust Wand is effective on desks, light fixtures, ornaments, books, store fixtures, furniture, office equipment, shelving, glass, window coverings and so many other surfaces. They are used regularly in homes, offices, hotels, airports, retail stores, restaurants, meeting and exhibition halls, hospitals, factories, sports facilities and schools. Unless otherwise requested, Dust Wands are shipped in assorted mixed colors.

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Single Stage Wool Dusters Single Stage Wool Dusters
This selection of dusters are ideal for all arms-reach jobs, including desks, tv’s, ornaments and railings.

  Product # Description
a 300FX Mini 8" Dusting Pom, 16" overall
b 312FH Big Pro 12" Dusting Pom, 28" overall
  316FH Super Pro 16" Dusting Pom, 28" overall
  311D Dowel Handle 12" Dusting Pom, 26" overall
c W400 Dusting Mitt 8" x 8" (one size fits all)
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Extension Dusters Extension Dusters
Extension Dusters are the easiest way to reach high, out of the way places. The Flex models offer extra convenience to get over and around the most difficult to reach surfaces. The head and shaft on the Flex models are completely flexible and virtually unbreakable.

  Product # Description
a 350EX Hi-Rise 12" Dusting Pom, extends to 44"
b 360EXS Super Hi-Rise 12" Dusting Pom, 2 stage extension to 60"
c 350Flex The Flex 12" Dusting Pom, extends to 42" with flexible head
  360SFlex SuperFlex 12" Dusting Pom, 2 stage extension to 58",
with flexible head
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Economy Dusters Economy Dusters
These models are manufactured with the same great wool and construction as our premier line, with a smaller dusting pom. Recommended for bids.

  Product # Description
  308JR Junior 8" Dusting Pom, 20" overall
  310SH Shortie 10" Dusting Pom, 24" overall
a 355ESH 10" Dusting Pom, extends to 42"
b 365ESH 10" Dusting Pom, 2 stage extension to 58"
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Breeze Duster Breeze Duster
The Breeze Duster is designed for squeezing into the tightest spaces. This thin profile duster features a hybrid combination of soft natural wool and micro fiber, that helps make dusting a breeze.

  Product # Description
  333B Breeze Low Profile - Contoured handle with 13” Pom,
27” overall
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Dust Fresh Scented Dusters Dust Fresh Scented Dusters
The Dust Fresh Line from Lambskin Specialties is available in 3 refreshing natural scents. These dusters will enhance the air quality of almost any environment and make the dusting experience more pleasant.

  Product # Description
a 302DFL Sensational Lemon Aroma is similar to fresh lemon zest.
Yellow wool and handle. 12” Dusting Pom, 26” overall
b 302DFO Orange Orchard Aroma is citrusy, sweet, and
reminiscent of orange peel. Orange wool and
handle. 12” Dusting Pom, 26” overall
c 302DFP Pine Forest Aroma is reminiscent of a pine tree.
Green wool and handle. 12” Dusting Pom, 26” overall
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Dust Mate Dust Mate
This Dust Mate micro fiber sleeve fits over most wool duster models. It is designed to pick up particularly heavy and stubborn dust and dirt. Machine washable.

  Product # Description
  MFS-DP100 14" X 7"
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Disposable Dusting Solutions


Disposable, unscented dusting solutions that captures dust particles on the pillowy surface, holding dust, dirt and hair until disposed of. Polyester/Viscose



  Product #
  DM14DSP                                           14" x16.5"
  DM100DDM                                   One size mitt fits all



Micro Fiber Cloths

Clean faster and better, with less detergent: micro fibers are a revolutionary solution to todays cleaning challenges.  Ideal for cleaning, drying, polishing and dusting.

Product #
16" x 16" - for Glass
16" x 16" - All Purpose   Blue, Green, Yellow or Pink
16" x 16" - Waffle
16" x 16" - Chamois


Micro Duster


Micro Duster

A micro fiber yarn duster designed for all dusting duties.  The acme thread adaptor is designed to allow this duster to secure to utility handles for high reach.


Product #
Micro fiber duster 13" dusting pom 20" overall white
Micro fiber duster 13" dusting pom 20" overall green




  Micro Fiber Dusters

Micro fiber bendable dusters for reaching around, under, over difficult dusting objects.  Acme threaded handle will eye level or high dust when attached to a utility handle.


Product #
Micro fiber / Chenille 17" Pom, 22" overall  
Refill sleeve for MFD-22 
Micro fiber Yarn Duster 18" Dusting Pom, 23" overall
Refill Sleeve for MFD-23




Synthetic Dusters Synthetic Dusters
Multi colored dusters manufactured from polypropylene fibers; effective for dusting all surfaces, high and low. The S82EPPD and S83EPPD are ideal for all high dusting. The S83EPPD has a detachable 20" Dusting Head that secures to the acme threaded 3-stage extension handle.

  Product # Description
a S24PPD 14" Dusting Pom, 24" overall with flexible head
  S54EPPD 14" Dusting Pom, extends to 54" with flexible head
b S82EPPD 14" Dusting Pom, extends to 82" with flexible head
c S83EPPD 14'' Dusting Pom, extends to 83", with 20"
detachable flexible head
d S83EPPD-H Replacement head for S83EPPD
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Feather Dusters
Soft and supple, feathers effectively pull dust away from fine objects - including plants, bottles and glass ornaments. They are particularly effective in grocery stores, gift shops, bottle shops, and plant stores. Feathers are a natural product; some variance, in color, length and texture should be expected.

Premium Black Feathers Premium Black Feathers
Black feathers are the softest, highest quality available.

  Product # Description
a P13B 7" Plume, 13" overall
  P20B 9" Plume, 20" overall
  P28B 11"Plume, 28" overall
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Premium Grey Feathers Premium Grey Feathers
Grey feathers are a super soft professional quality feather.

  Product # Description
a P13G 7" Plume, 13" overall
  P20G 9" Plume, 20" overall
  P28G 11" Plume, 28" overall
  P34G 18" Plume, 34" overall
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Retractable Feather Dusters Retractable Feather Dusters
Fits comfortably in a back pocket; the casing protects the feathers between uses.

  Product # Description
a R16G-E Economy retractable 6" Plume, 16" overall in plastic case
b R16G Retractable 6" Plume, 15" overall in plastic case
c R16G-P Retractable 7" Plume, 16" overall in plastic case with comfortable flare design
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eather Dusting Head High Dusting
Designed for light fixtures, including chandeliers, and other high surfaces that require extra care when dusting. Fits on any acme thread handle for unlimited reach.

  Product # Description
a P60GEX

       Premium Grey Ostrich feather duster, 11" Plume with            2 stage plastic handle that extends to 60"

b FDH-15    Ostrich Feather dusting head with Acme thread 15" Plume
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Economy Feather Dusters Economy Feather Dusters
Economy models are manufactured with ostrich chick, or tall feathers or rooster or turkey feathers as indicated; excellent bid items.

  Product # Description
a D06EC Turkey Feather Duster Plastic Handle, Assorted Colors
14" overall
b D12EC Ostrich Feathers – 6" Plume, shaped handle, 12" overall
c D13EC Rooster Feathers – 8" Plume, 16" overall, turned handle
  D14EC Ostrich Feathers – 7" Plume, on a 1/2'' dowel handle,
14" overall
  D22EC Ostrich Feathers – 12" Plume, on a 1/2'' dowel handle,
22" overall
  D23SEC Ostrich Feathers – 12" Plume, on a 3/4" Dowel handle, 23" overall
  D27SEC Economy Ostrich - 12" plume, 27" overall
  D30EC Ostrich Feathers – 14" Plume, on a 1/2'' dowel handle,
30" overall
d D31SEC Ostrich Feathers – 14" Plume on 3/4" dowel, 31" overall
  D34SEC Ostrich Feathers – 16" Plume on 3/4" dowel, 34" overall
  D37SEC Ostrich Feathers – 18" Plume on 3/4" dowel, 37" overall

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